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Humaine analyzes your customers’ behavior, habits, values, and environment with our powerful artificial intelligence. We help you unlock the insights of a brick-and-mortar store for your online customers, understanding their unique needs and differences. This opens a whole new understanding of who your customers are, what drives them to purchase and uncovers the products and experiences they really want. By leveraging this data, you maximize and improve their experience on your eCommerce store, leading to massive improvements in conversions and average order value.

HOW IT WORKS Easy To Implement

Humaine is intuitive and simple to integrate on Shopify!


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Sign-up and select your service level. You can then download and install our plugin from the Shopify App Store.


Simple and intuitive

The Humaine API collects user data from your website and feeds it into our AI. The AI automatically creates user groups and builds predictions based on these groups. The system analyzes environmental factors in real-time, such as weather, news and political events based on your customer’s location.


Understand your customers like never before

The AI completes a full cognitive profile to predict your customer's personality, mood, motivations and values. Humaine provides predictions and insights in minutes, including likelihood to purchase, ideal customer journey and product match.


Your all-in-one solution for analytics, growth, marketing, and UXI

Start seeing immediate improvements in conversion rate and Average Order Value (AOV) while our back end builds out optimized UX experiences for each customer.

SOLUTIONS Humaine AI Features

Humans follow a unique journey when shopping in physical stores, a skilled associates can tell by their mannerisms and attention which products they are drawn to. Store associates can interact with customers in setting, gaining an understanding of their needs, building authentic relationships and growing the business. These interactions are near-impossible to replicate online - until now.


We make every online shopping a personal experience by offering shoppers what they like. We value people’s time and aim to decrease time wasted on finding a brand and product that fits their needs by providing enhanced suggestions and customer journeys.



Why wait hours, days or even months for your data to tell you what to do? We collect live data on customer behaviour and give you actionable insights in real-time. What works for your customers one day may not fit their needs the next (we get it, we’re human too!). This is why we leverage the power of cognitive science to provide insights based on your customers’ moods, needs and behaviour.



E-commerce stores are different from their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but they don’t have to be. Sales associates and brands rarely get the opportunity to form a real relationship with their customers. Humaine bridges that gap by giving you more than just age and gender. Leverage personalization features like the Recommendation Engine and build a deep understanding of how your customers feel, what they’re interested in, and so much more.



Many brands are afraid to share their unique voice. At Humaine, we encourage uniqueness and creativity by providing small and medium-sized companies with deeper visibility and tools. We help brands like yours build a truly engaging online experience and compete against more prominent players in the market.

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At Humaine, we understand the importance of human cognition and the changing factors that influence our daily decision-making processes. With our state-of-the-art AI, brands like yours can immerse users into their online store - welcome to the age of hyper-personalization.

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